Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote

Driving Innovation

Pollard Banknote is a leader in supplying lotteries with new and innovative products. For over 30 years we’ve brought customers innovations, flexibility, openness, and a willingness to generate fresh ideas. As an innovator, we have earned a reputation for bringing new ideas to the industry, such as our industry-transforming translucent marking system, that become top sellers and the standard to which the next generation of product is compared to.

Check out some of our product innovations:

  • Translucent Marking System – Our industry-best marking system is used to generate more Crossword and Bingo game sales in the U.S. than those of our competitors combined, establishing Pollard Banknote as the leader in core games. Pollard Banknote’s Crossword games represent an estimated 57% of the $2.135 billion annual Crossword sales in the U.S., while our Bingo games represent roughly 67% of the $937 million annual Bingo games sold in the U.S.

  • Scratch FX® Games – Our patented Scratch FX® process—an industry exclusive—lets lotteries replicate the sparkle of either foil or holographic foil in a way never before possible using recyclable paper stock. Scratch FX® presents a cost-effective, eye-catching means to associate its higher price points with the likes of other premium consumer products.

  • Fusion® Games – These patented, custom-developed games offer an opportunity to bring variety and fresh instant ticket concepts. While not limited to higher price points, these games are especially effective at attracting established players looking for extra entertainment. 

  • Double Play® – These are a combination of instant and break-open tickets that account for over $500 million in U.S. lottery sales.


Leveraging Social and Mobile Media

With a sole focus on the instant ticket category, Pollard Banknote is committed to developing future innovations aimed at integrating instant tickets and today’s emerging technologies with a strategic plan to bring interactive gamification into the instant ticket world. We are focused on creating strategies that will leverage emerging technologies and social media into viable avenues for driving instant ticket revenues.

The following are some of Pollard Banknote’s exclusive tools for achieving this:

  • Quick Link™ – Riding the wave of increasing smartphone use, our patent-pending Quick Link™ technology allows the use of QR codes (two-dimensional bar codes) and other bar codes on instant tickets. Printing these codes on tickets will allow technophiles not only to enter second chance draws through a mobile device; it will also allow winners to share their experience through social networking with our Social Instants™ program.

  • Social Instants™ – The number of people connected to social media networks and smartphone technology is on the rise. Social Instants™ incorporates this trend within the instant ticket market, resulting in significant revenue-boosting opportunities for participating lotteries. By pairing product innovation with social marketing strategy, Social Instants™ maximizes the popularity of instant tickets with the younger, emerging demographic while spurring sales growth within previously established market segments.