Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote

Fusion® Games

Pioneered by Pollard Banknote, these patented, custom-developed tickets present another opportunity to bring forward fresh instant ticket concepts while at the same time justifying higher price points. A growing list of lotteries throughout the world have discovered the benefits of our dynamic Fusion® games.

The verdict so far? Our Fusion® games have generated sales in excess of $1 billion worldwide—with our Double Play® Fusion® products accounting for over $500 million of that total.

Our Fusion® includes:

  • Scratch Tab® (Latex play areas under perforated tabs)
  • Double Play® (Combination scratch and pull-tab tickets)
  • Action Pack® (Integrated pouches)
  • Pull Tab Plus® (Variable imaged pull-tab tickets)
  • The Pollard PlayBook® (Booklet format)