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Play 3D™

/_uploads/images/Picture5.png Pollard Banknote has always taken great pride in our product vision—and that includes 3D vision! We are leading the industry with the introduction of Play 3D™ instant games.

Play 3D™ games create added value for consumers with a cool 3D effect. Besides offering a novel form of excitement, 3D tickets can also help attract the coveted 18-35 year old demographic by positioning our lottery clients as relevant, on-trend entertainment options.

With the widening popularity of 3D movies and TV sets, and the spread of 3D graphics cards, action games, monitors, and glasses, 3D tickets promise to make a great tie-in to online instant games, and open up intriguing possibilities for 3D add-ons, cross-promotions, exciting prizing opportunities, and even licensed products!