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Quick Link™

The Lottery World’s Link to Unlimited Interactive Possibilities


An exclusive offering available only from Pollard Banknote, Quick Link™ combines the use of mobile devices and bar codes—such as QR codes—with traditional instant tickets, opening the door to infinite promotional opportunities for its lottery partners.

Some of the potential uses of Quick Link™ include:

  • instant entry to a second chance draw
  • access to mobile game content, play for fun, virtual rewards and/or actual prizes
  • access to added value features such as bonus words for a Crossword game, bonus symbols for a symbol match game, etc., that could turn a non-winner into a winner or increase the value of the prize on winning tickets
  • access to special offers for additional tickets or coupons for specific products/retailers
  • access to current lottery information like the latest winning numbers or new game launches
  • access to the Lottery’s website
  • access to the Lottery’s VIP clubPollard Banknote’s Quick Link™ instantly raises the stakes when it comes to targeted marketing efforts designed to extend the reach and effectiveness of a lottery’s brand. Contact Pollard Banknote for recommendations for how you can add QR codes to your instant games marketing strategy.

QR Codes + Instant Games = Quick Link™

/_uploads/images/QuickLinkTicket.jpgImagine being able to instantly connect with your customers, offering them interactive content and promotional opportunities, anywhere and anytime.

With QR codes, this is now a reality!

A QR code is a special two-dimensional (2D) bar code that is readable by mobile devices equipped with a camera and a bar code reader app. They most often consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

QR codes can be placed on almost anything, including magazines, signs, buses, business cards, POS displays, and—with Pollard Banknote's Quick Link™—instant tickets!

A variety of information can be encoded into a QR code, including text, URLs, and other electronic data. So, anyone with a mobile device can scan a QR code to instantly obtain additional information, access an interactive game or video, obtain a coupon or special offer, and much more!