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Pollard Banknote

SureTrack®: The Way to Success

Pollard Banknote’s proprietary SureTrack® lottery management system helps lotteries manage the diverse and complex tasks of lottery ticket warehousing, management, and distribution. SureTrack® has proven to be highly successful in many jurisdictions where Pollard Banknote operates.

Our SureTrack® lottery management system has been designed to handle all lottery products, from instant and pull-tab tickets to point of sale (POS) materials and lottery supplies. In addition, the system is designed to be flexible and robust enough to handle everything from the smallest single site operation up to large-scale multiple warehouse operations.

SureTrack® includes the following modules, which can be fully integrated or operate independently in a stand-alone fashion:
  • Distribution
  • Telemarketing (Tel-Sell)
  • Financial
  • Validation
One of SureTrack®’s most distinct advantages is that it can be customized to suit just about any approach to inventory management a lottery chooses to employ. This flexibility ensures that Pollard Banknote can evolve to help our clients meet their sales goals through an expanded and increasingly complex distribution network.

SureTrack® Brochure