Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote

Driving Sales for our Lottery Partners!

We understand the difficulty that lotteries face in increasing sales and we are confident that there are many opportunities to expand player base and increase sales of instant tickets. This requires creativity in bringing the best products and best ideas to the market—something we pride ourselves on at Pollard Banknote.

We have been in the instant ticket business for over 30 years. The success that we have had has been based on our ability to form partnerships with our clients, where we focus on the mutual goal of driving revenue.

  • We emphasize innovation to bring new ideas, methods, and products to the market.
  • We are known for having the best looking tickets with the “like butter” scratchability and realistic play logic.
  • We know how to drive sales and leverage lotteries’ ever-so-important retailer networks.