Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote

PlayOn™ Loyalty Program

Pollard Banknote is proud to offer our clients a complete solution for customer loyalty in the form of our enhanced, patent-pending PlayOn™ VIP Lottery Program.

PlayOn™ brings the exclusivity of an exciting members-only experience to the instant game market. After registering on the site, ticket buyers can enter into second chance draws, gather news about new ticket concepts, and gain access to unique invitations and opportunities. PlayOn™ also allows for the collection of unique and valuable information from users, such as demographics and buying patterns.

Among the many supplemental features we can offer are printable retailer discount coupons and gift envelopes, e-mail reminders of events, online surveys and focus testing, demos of how instant games work, for-fun games (either tied to instant games or not), and video clips of winners.

PlayOn™ is extremely robust, with great flexibility for content and functionality. It is easily customizable and updatable on-the-fly—even by those with little to no experience in web design or programming. The result? Quick and easy updates with little or no site downtime.